Commune of Simiri - Niger State - Africa Afforestation

Climate change affects mostly developing countries and especially those in Subsaharian Africa 

AZA – Arid Zone Afforestation NPO, hereinafter AZA, along with the National Agency for the Great Green Wall of Niger have agreed, signed the related contract, decided and started organizing the implementation of the afforestation project with the following data.

Location:                   Commune of Simiri – State of Niger – Continent of Africa

Extent:                       2,5 Km2 -  two and a half square kilometers

Trees to plant:         100.000 pieces – one hundrend thousand pieces

Their target is to create an agroforestry area, with organic farming, near the village of Simiri and in the same time to train the local habitants to plant trees with their own efforts, by using the tree planting system SAFE TREE specific models.

Contemporary, during the planting action they will invite representatives from many other villages all around the country, so as to teach them how to use the SAFE TREE specific models.

Their future intention is to create similar agroforestry areas near any villages in Niger country, with the purpose to combat povetry and malnutrition by involving the entire population through using SAFE TREE specific models.

Everybody who wants, could participate in this effort by financing anytime the cost of a certain quantity of the SAFE TREE specific models destinated to be distributed to the Niger villagers.


  • The procedure is unlimited in time        and space
  • It is evolving continuously
  • 500.000 squared kilometers to             be covered
  • 15 billion trees to be planted
  • 20 million people to benefit directly
  • Excellent and efficient contribution      against climate change.


AZA invites anybody, everywhere in the world to contribute positively.

Thank you for thinking about it.

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