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New Government needs to take extra step for wood use

The forest and wood processing industry says it is looking forward to greater use of timber in New Zealand with the coalition government now in place. But WoodCo Chair, Brian Stanley, says the new government needs to introduce a wood-first policy for government buildings as well. “We’ve got a new drive from the top for […]

Trees are dying at unprecedented rates. Can we rethink conservation before it’s too late?

Each year, the Earth’s trees suck more than a hundred billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s an impossibly huge number to consider, about 60 times the weight of all the humans currently on the planet. Our forests perform a cornucopia of services: Serving as a stabilizing force for nearly all of terrestrial life, they foster biodiversity and even make […]

Save the trees

Scientists and policy-makers will meet in Bonn this June to discuss one of the most pressing concerns to come out of December’s United Nations climate meeting — how to manage the world’s tropical forests. Jeff Tollefson examines some of the proposals. Rainforest nations walked away from the United Nations (UN) climate meeting in Indonesia last […]

Antarctic sea ice shrinks radically, again

New satellite data shows that Antarctic sea ice has shrunk to its second lowest level on record, ending a trend of increasing growth. The sea ice surrounding Antarctica shrank to 2.15 million sq km in 2018, the Australian Antarctic Division says. It follows last year’s lowest minimum extent on record of 2.07 million sq km […]

Plant a tree today – it all adds up

Andrew Collyer – Practical Gardening Every year during March the Tree council of Ireland organises The National Tree Week to promote all things aboricultural. To help raise our awareness and appreciation of trees, the importance of planting new trees and care of existing woodlands and even your domestic trees. It was a love of trees […]

Intact Forests are crucial to mitigating climate change, Scientists say

In just the past decade, the world has lost more than seven percent of its intact forests; also known as large connected areas free from disturbances caused by humanity. This figure shows to be only accelerating. A new study says maintaining these remaining intact forests is of utmost importance. The study, published in the journal Nature, […]

UK carbon emissions fell to a 130-year low in 2017

The UK produced 388.5 million tonnes of CO2 in 2017, which has been estimated to be the lowest amount recorded since 1890. UK carbon emissions fell by 2.6% from 399 million tonnes of CO2 in 2016. This followed a 5.8% drop in the previous year. Emissions are now down 22.4% overall since 2012 following five […]

The world’s largest reforestation effort in history is underway

The largest tropical reforestation effort in history aims to restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon by 2023. The multimillion dollar, six-year project, led by Conservation International, spans 30,000 hectares of land—the equivalent of the size of 30,000 soccer fields, or nearly 70,000 acres. The effort will help Brazil move towards its Paris agreement […]

Country diary: trees stand as witnesses to history

Almost seven centuries ago, a great calamity 50 miles out to the east sent men with axes and saws into priory-owned Chicksands Wood. The Norman central tower of Ely Cathedral had collapsed, and the architect of its replacement chose to bridge the gap not with stone, but with wood. To this day, the Octagon Tower has Bedfordshire […]