Climate change could have devastating impact on global fisheries


If climate change continues unchecked and the global temperature increases by more than the Paris agreement target of 1.5 C, it is certain to have a dire impact on fish catches, a new study has found.

Fishing is a major commercial industry and source of food for many people around the world, particularly in temperate regions. However, as more carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere, it causes the temperature of the world’s oceans to rise. This can create less-than-ideal conditions for fish and marine life.

Instead of living in an unfriendly environment, the fish will start to migrate to the cooler waters near the poles.

This will leave temperate regions at the equator and up to 25 degrees latitude both north and south, without the fish they so depend on.

The study, published in the journal Science, used a numerical model to calculate what would happen in a “business-as-usual” scenario where the planet continues to warm 3.5 C above the average. What they found was a major disruption of marine life.

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