Young Greens Welcome Clean Air Ruling


The Young Greens of England and Wales welcomes the ruling that Theresa May’s government is not taking action on air pollution.  Toxic air is one of the greatest environmental threats to young people in the UK.  Not only will the youth of today pay the price for climate change partly caused by pollution, but suffer the consequences of air pollution every day.

An estimated 40,000 premature deaths each year are caused by air pollution.  Additionally, air pollution is one of the main triggers of breathing disorders such as asthma.  A study found that two-thirds of people found traffic fumes to make their asthma worse, and a shocking 42% of asthma suffers actively avoid areas of high traffic to protect their health. A study has even shown that air pollution impacts our mental health.

Read here, the full article to learn more about tha serious issue:

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