About Us

Planting a tree is believing in tomorrow

Are you ready and willing to finance an afforestation - reforestation project in your dry home country? AZA is ready to implement it successfully, or provide you with the appropriate SAFE TREE model to apply it on your own.

Making our world greener via implementing perpetual afforestation - reforestation projects

with zero or minimum watering water.

35% of terrestrial land is being threatened by desertification and this is over and above the already existing deserts. The amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is currently produced by human activity, has gone far beyond the acceptable level. The only effective and natural way to eliminate the excess CO2 is to, plant trees, which absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

AZA planting projects can include:
  • Afforestation – reforestation projects in arid and deserted areas to combat climate change and planet’s overwarming
  • Creation of agroforestry areas with trees and crop fields to combat poverty, famine and malnutrition
  • Creation of forests around the cities and along the sandy beaches for the well being of all the habitants
  • Creation of green zone alongside national roads and in deserted areas for touristic development

Benefits of Planting Trees:
  • Produces Oxygen (O2)
  • Absorbs Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Combats desertification
  • Filters out dust and air pollutants
  • Reduces atmospheric temperature
  • Increases precipitation
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Improves absorption of water
  • Increases subsoil’s water quantity
  • Contributes to soil stabilization
  • Enhances flora stabilization
  • Offers shelter to wildlife
  • Promotes biodiversity
  • Induces eco balance
  • Reduces sand migration

AZA - Arid Zone Afforestation NPO is a non profit organization that acts, via implementing afforestation – reforestation projects, in arid, semi-arid and deserted areas where rainfall is limited or non existent, by applying the tree planting system SAFE TREE, without cost for the community.


Our Mission
  • Reforestation and afforestation of arid areas and deserts
  • Research to combat desertification and soil erosion
  • Planting of fruit trees and trees for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use
  • Experimental tree planting in deserts
  • Research and experimental planting to regenerate corroded and deserted areas
  • Protection of the environment and combating climate change by any means
  • Any activity directly or indirectly related to the realisation of the above
  • Reforestation of burned land.


All of AZA’s income assets and resources are derived exclusively from:

  • Subscriptions and contributions of the organization’s partners and supporters
  • Donations and sponsorships
  • Fundraising – Crowdfunding income
  • Appropriate funds for determined projects
  • Inheritances and bequests
Originate from
  • Me and You
  • Natural persons
  • Private and public legal entities
  • Government grants foundations
  • European Union grants and programs
  • United Nations grants and programs
  • Grants by institutions and organisations
  • Companies
  • Corporations
  • All general assets acquired by AZA since its launch
Dimitrios Skeparnias
President - Former bank Director in Switzerland
Athanasios Vasileiadis
General Manager - Engineer, Researcher, Businessman
Nikolaos Thymakis
Planting Supervisor - Agronomist Horticulture and Landscape Manager
Maira Makrydaki
Creative Director - Graphic Design, Photography & Media, Marketing
Spyros Daglas
IT Consultant, Web Specialist, IT Business Executive
Mixalis Anagnostou – Xomata
Expert in composts - Production of composts
Panagiotis Vasilakos
Expert in plants - Nursery and plant’s production
Andreas Aliferis B.Sc, MLA
Horticulturist – Landscape Architect
Theodoros Zoupanos
Vice President - Former UN Human Rights Council Director
Georgios Karetsos
Forestry Consultant - President of ELGO - Hellenic Agricultural Organization
Alexios Vasileiadis
Technical and Executive Manager - Engineer, Researcher, Businessman
Paula Tsoni
Communication Ambassador
Markos Mpoudouroglou – Vioryp SA
Idle materials expert - Production and process of Idle Expanded materials
Kostas Koimitzis
Expert in plastic sheets - Production of special objects from plastic sheets
Maria Vergeti
General Assistant - Bsc Mathematics/ Environmental Management
Antonios Stefanou
Software Engineer - Hyperware CEO

Contact Us

  • Iera Odos 294, 12243Aigaleo, AthensGreece
  • Tel.:+30 2104251030