Ecological Products

Support planting more trees by Buying AZA’s Ecological Products

Recycling Containers Collapsible “GREEN PLANET”

They help you collect and store recyclable materials.

They can be used at home, in the office, at the store, at school and anywhere else there is a need to collect recyclable materials.

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Folding Beach Ashtray “SAVE SEA’’

By throwing the cigarette butts on the beach, they are carried away by the sea where, for at least 5 years, they pour out highly toxic substances contained in the filter, which through the biological cycle become unintentional food for all living beings and humans, seriously damaging the everyone’s health.

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Self Watering Plant Pots “Hibiscus”

They store the watering water in their lower part and then give it gradually to the plants according to their needs.

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SAFE TREE – Specific Models

To be applied by everyone

AZA’s team have designed a new model, very easy to be applied by the local people everywhere in the world, in order to be involved in the fight against desertification and climate change and in sustaining their wellbeing.

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Planting a tree is believing in tomorrow

Are you ready and willing to finance an afforestation - reforestation project in your dry home country?

AZA is ready to implement it successfully, or provide you with the appropriate SAFE TREE model to apply it on your own.