• Withdraw water from the atmosphere utilizing wind and solar energy.
  • Develop appropriate mycorrhizae in substitution of inorganic fertilizers to combat soil erosion and degradation.
  • Pilot scientific experimental combined afforestation-reforestation projects in the desert.

97% of the water on planet earth is saline.

Only 3% is potable and usable for irrigation in agriculture.

2 billion people on earth are in shortage of potable water.

In agriculture, drillings to obtain and use the underground water, lower its level, causing soil degradation and stopping surface running water.

The only way to solve drastically the shortage of potable water is to extract water from the atmosphere by concentrating its humidity using wind and solar energy.

The atmosphere is a big water source embracing earth all around and is unlimited because when we absorb its humidity it replaces it, bringing water from the ocean.

AZA develops research and experiments in this direction, concerning extraction of water from the atmosphere using wind and solar energy and invites you to contribute on it.

For 400 million years, symbiotic microorganisms called mycorrhizae, live together with the plants in tight collaboration. They are attached to the roots of the plants, taking from them light for their survival and in turn, they dissolve inorganic elements of the soil creating beneficial components for the plants while aiding plants to absorb them.

Moreover, they improve the colloidal attributes of the soil and advancing with the roots they are disseminated in the entire space occupied by the roots, where they also retain the rain water at disposal of the plant. Seems that every plant prefers a specific mycorrhizae to give an optimal result. AZA is researching on this field.

By differentiating the dimensions of the tree planting system SAFE TREE, we can store small or large quantities of water below each plant.

The benefits of the SAFE TREE to the newly planted plant vary according to its depth. AZA is experimenting by implementing pilot projects in the desert, modifying the two above mentioned parameters, in order to plant and grow plants with no need for irrigation even when the precipitation is very low like 40 to 100 mm.

Planting a tree is believing in tomorrow

Are you ready and willing to finance an afforestation - reforestation project in your dry home country?

AZA is ready to implement it successfully, or provide you with the appropriate SAFE TREE model to apply it on your own.