Sitia Municipality – 001 – Reforestation – Crete Region

As large areas of Greece have been subjected to extreme whether events the past years, it is becoming more difficult for trees to regenerate in areas with low precipitations.

AZA, in collaboration with the Municipality of Sitia has secured a large area, bilaterally of a road that connects many communities and villages in Eastern Crete, to plant at least 12.000 native trees to help the local community and leave a legacy for the coming generations.

The tree planting will be funded by donors and funding programs and will not burden the municipality.

  • 12.000 to 15.000 Trees to be planted in Sitia, Crete
  • Using the planting system “SAFE TREE”, the trees will be able to survive in very harsh conditions

Planting a tree is believing in tomorrow

Are you ready and willing to finance an afforestation - reforestation project in your dry home country?

AZA is ready to implement it successfully, or provide you with the appropriate SAFE TREE model to apply it on your own.